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gangs and the military gangsters bikers and terrorists - smith a special agent for the army criminal investigations division examines the roles played by member of street gangs outlaw motorcycle gangs and domestic extremists with military training and both on and off active duty and the crimes they committed in this detailed study, hells angels mc criminal allegations and incidents wikipedia - australia the hells angels expanded to australia in 1975 initially establishing chapters in melbourne and sydney and now have around 250 members and 14 chapters in the country they are one of around 35 outlaw motorcycle clubs in australia which have an estimated 3 500 members in total, crime beat on artistfirst radio - robert f kennedy jr joined ron chepsuik on crime beat recently to discuss his new book framed why michael skakel spent over a decade in prison for a murder he didn t commit, islam the religion of the easily offended - this is a discussion of islam especially violent radical islam and its effect on us national security and the stability of our american culture militant islamism is headed toward world domination despite its claims to be a religion of peace islam is not just another way to god it is incompatible with christianity if christianity is true and valid then islam cannot be, u s news latest national news videos photos abc - the man demanded a cinnamon toast raisin bagel with bacon egg and cheese, the times the sunday times - the subscription details associated with this account need to be updated please update your billing details here to continue enjoying your subscription, what does a currency collapse look like shtf plan - all these protest and govt overthrows have 1 common denominator it s all based the serfs realizing they are being played by the elites i agree with the article and i ve been of the belief that when we collapse the whole world including china goes down with it